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It’s the season to read about bunnies and here are some clever ones!

Everything seems to bother Buddy the Monster including the trees in his way, the hot sun, and the stinky flowers so when he happens upon a group of bunnies, he is ready for some emotional eating. The bunnies in our backyard are always on the lookout for predators and quickly hop away into the bushes but these bunnies look caught off guard by Buddy, maybe because they were about to make cupcakes. When Buddy hears this he decides cupcakes first! Then he is too full of cupcakes to eat any bunnies and decides postpone his bunny feast until the next day. A similar scenario happen the next day and the next and after spending so much time with the bunnies and having so much fun, Buddy is not so sure about eating them anymore.

buddy and the bunnies sample

BUDDY AND THE BUNNIES IN: DON’T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD written and illustrated by Bob Shea is a fun easy read with fun high energy illustrations. My kids love it and this is the third time we have had it out from the library since we discovered it not too long ago.

Want more of Buddy and the Bunnies? Check out this fun video sequel…

Printable Bunny Game Inspired by Bob Shea’s Buddy and the Bunnies

Would you like to play with Buddy and the bunnies? I created a little game inspired by them. Print out the following PFD on sticker paper: Bunny Game Printable, color, cut, and attach to six juice and/or milk jug bottle caps making sure Buddy, the cupcake, and the rabbit hole are on separate bottle caps.

Printable Bunny Game

In this cooperative game, the object is to collect as many bunnies as you can until you get three cupcakes to win “friendship” before getting three bunnies to lose and your bunnies get eaten.

How to play…

Each player takes a turn tossing the bottle caps.
On a piece of scrap paper keep a tally of the number of bunnies, Buddies, and cupcakes (if you get a Buddy and a rabbit hole the bunnies are safe and you don’t count that Buddy).

We played this quick and easy game last night and my kids enjoyed it enough to play three rounds. In fact we made it harder to by increasing the cupcakes needed to win to five so feel free to experiment with the rules.

* * *

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I hope the Easter Bunny doesn’t run into Buddy on the way to our house! Happy Easter friends!


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