Spring Leaves Celebration

PBOTD Ann A Leaf Can Be

For an extra long time our world was white.

Then it was gray.

Now, finally, we see pops of bright colors, tree tops tinted with soft new-leaf chartreuse and peach, and shoots crowding out old matted growth. Pretty soon our world will be a whole lot greener!

I love leaves and I love A LEAF CAN BE… written by Laura Purdie Salas, illustrated by Violeta Dabija. Starting with spring this book takes you through a year’s worth of value leaves provide. With help from the sun, the primary function of leaves is to make food for plants and trees. But really they do so much more and are abundantly generous to their neighbors! This book is written in a concise and lighthearted poem. It is a fast read but also has an afterword that is helpful for many of the lesser known leaf functions mentioned in the book. It also includes a glossary and brief appendix. I love to find nonfiction picture books presented in such an artistic way.

A Leaf Can Be_F_Page_07[7]

Aren’t the illustrations dreamy?!

A Leaf Can Be_F_Page_11[5]

The good news is that this book is part of a series which is includes WATER CAN BE… and the latest, A ROCK CAN BE… and since I love rocks as much or maybe even more than leaves it is definitely on my list to check out!!!

Leaf art would be a great activity to go with this book in the fall but since it is not, let’s leave the leaves to do their work, breath in their oxygen, and thank them with flattery and imitation…

Spring Leaf Craft

Sprint Leaf Craft

Leaves come in so many shapes and sizes and since we could really use some cutting practice around here I though I would put together a Leaf Cutting Packet. Print the following PDF: Spring Leaf Craft on green paper. If you need cutting tips check out Scissor School. Once you have a bunch of leaves cut, you could tape them to the ceiling and pretend you are under the shade of a tree. You could use them for notes, poems of your own, or leaf art. It is really up to you.

I have discovered some great picture books thanks to the recommendations of my fellow Picture Book of the Day bloggers. Follow along by liking Doodles and Jots on Facebook!

Yay for leaves and spring!


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    • Oh cool, I’d love to see a whole tree covered in poetry leaves. Thanks for stopping by Laura, I am a big fan of yours!!!

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