Printable Golf Card for Dads

We went mini golfing last week with complimentary passes from one of my husband’s clients. He was preparing for a presentation so it was also good research. It was a strange night because it suddenly got very stormy plus I won! Very strange since Patrick is the golfer in the family.

Printable Golf Card for Dad

It seems like such a cliche but in our case it is true, Patrick and my dad really do enjoy golf. So for Father’s Day I made them each a desktop golf game/Father’s Day card. Have you noticed greeting cards do all kinds of fun things now? They have really become gifts themselves! If you would like to make one of these Father’s Day Golf Cards I am sharing the printable template and instructions.

What you’ll need…

Green felt with adhesive backing or regular felt and craft glue, foam core or cardboard (I prefer the foam core because it stays so flat and you can get large sheets at The Dollar Tree), a craft stick, a marble, glue stick, and an X-ACTO knife

Here’s how… 

  1. Print the following PFD: Golf Card Printable and glue to the back of foam core
  2. Carefully cut out the hole (see X-ACTO cutting tips below)
  3. Trace and cut the hole in the felt
  4. Peel backing and attach the felt to front of card (matching up the holes)
  5. Follow the black line to cut the outer shape of the card/green
  6. Cut and glue the putter to the craft stick

That’s it! Give it a try to make sure it works then include a personal message to your husband, dad, or grandfather. Dads are pretty awesome, don’t you think?!

Foam core cutting tips…

In addition to being a pro at golf I also happen to be a pro at cutting foam core (this one is actually true). I often build models out of foam core as part of my product design work. 

  • Make sure your grown-up makes all the X-ACTO knife cuts
  • Make sure your X-ACTO knife blade is very sharp
  • Do not try to cut through all the layers at once especially when cutting curves
  • Try and keep your knife consistently perpendicular to your cutting surface especially when making multiple passes

Do you have any special plans for Father’s Day? Please share!


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