Learning about Nature and the XFINITY X1 Voice Remote

Today I am going to share FIVE tips for raising happy kids who appreciate nature and love learning…

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Learn about Nature and Xfinity Voice Remote

1. Enjoy your mom duties 

When I worked full time, the weekends felt like time off to enjoy my children. When I stopped working full time, parenting started to feel more like work. Nothing about my parenting duties changed except I was getting to do them more which was what I wanted in the first place. It occurred to me that my frame of reference changed so I changed it back and started thinking about each day as if it were Saturday and it worked! I became a happier mom and if mom is happy kids will be too.

Here are some other things that work for me…

2. Take advantage of your kids’ natural curiosity 

Here is an example. At the beach this weekend my kids were creating temporary habitats in pales for snails, hermit crabs, and minnows. They wanted to know what to put in the pales for food. So last night I requested some books from the library about tidal pools. I am pretty sure they will enjoy learning more about these little creatures after such a fun and interesting hands on experience.

3. Influence kids into making great choices 

You can gently influence kids into making great choices with their free time by having a variety of quality books around, setting out fun art supplies and inspiring collections, and being a good example. Here is an example. I’d like my kids to keep summer journals. If they see me writing in mine every night they are more likely to also.

4. Keep those books fresh 

I make note of the award winners from the American Library Association website. I subscribe to newsletters like Children’s Corner from Book Pages, Notes from the Horn Book, and several other like-minded educational blogs. We also visit libraries in neighboring towns since each collection is a little different. And from time to time we check out the glossy new titles at the bookstore!

5. Use these same strategies when it comes to TV time 

I listen to my kids and what they are curious about. I look at lists. I read and watch reviews. I search for and record quality, educational, and entertaining content for my kids. And I try watch with them.
There is some great stuff available on TV but I must admit it can be difficult to find, that is why I am excited about the new X1 voice remote from XFINITY which will make searching easier and faster. I am also pretty excited about the back light feature for watching in the dark! It’s the little things that seem to make such a big difference sometimes.

Xfinity X1 Voice Remote

X1 voice remote from XFINITY

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Say it and see it with the X1 voice remote.

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What are some of your tips and tricks for managing mom duties? Please share!

This is a sponsored post for Blogher and XFINITY but all opinions are my own.

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