Rainy Wait and Update

It was a rainy wait at the bus stop this morning. I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I would share a little bit about what is cooking here at Doodles and Jots.

umbrella reflection

Now that summer is over Picture Book of the Day is back and Friday is my turn. I have a great new book about friendship to share by one of our favorite authors. So watch out for that post which also includes a fun printable. Then while our This Summer Rocks adventures are complete I still have two to post about. Next up? You won’t believe what we found while snorkeling! I have also been rearranging my office. I got rid of some things, added shelves, and put a table in the middle which can use used for crafts, games, and computer time. I also hung up some kids art and got rid of my drafting table to make room for an easel. I suddenly have the urge to paint! Once I clear out the boxes I will share some pictures.

My daughter turned ten and had a craft themed family party. I ran out of time so didn’t documented it very well but I have to say it was a fun idea. I covered the coffee table with a big piece of white paper and wrote Happy 10th Birthday Annabelle on it in bubble letters for everyone to color with crayons and markers. Here it is almost done. I also made white cone hats to decorate with markers, stickers, and pipe cleaners which was a big hit! If you want to join in on the fun here is my hat printable. I put the gifts in white bags and decorated with white balloons. You’ll have to trust me, it looked cool. For dinner we had Annabelle’s favorite, chicken pot pie. Incorporating the party theme into the menu has become a tradition. Check it out! Her big gift was a subscription to Doodle Crates which is a box that comes once a month with craft supplies and instructions. I am planning to share our experience with it before the holidays.

The kids are settling into school. Annabelle is at a new, district wide school for forth and fifth grade. It is also an Innovation School so the day is longer to accommodate daily enrichment classes which the kids get to choose. Annabelle especially looks forward to crochet on Fridays. She is also in the school play and takes the late bus home after rehearsal on Tuesdays and Thursday. She is busy busy! Eamon is in second grade and get extra help everyday from the most amazing and supportive reading specialist. We visited her classroom at open house and she took us through some of the things they work on. She seems to really understand how Eamon’s brain works and has lots of tools and a process to increase his reading fluency, help with fatigue, and keep him interested in reading. Yay!

Health wise I feel pretty good. My biggest concern lately is difficulty breathing caused by muscle stiffness and the cycle of every few months needing to increasing my Sinemet dose to address it. I try not to think about it though and fill my days with lots of good stuff.

So back to good stuff. What is new and exciting with you? Please share!


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