Creepy Spider Garland for Halloween

Creepy Spider Garland

Spiders are pretty creepy don’t you think?! I haven’t really been able to relax since hearing that we are never more than six feet away from one. If I see a really cool spider outside I am fascinated but can’t help getting goosebumps too. My daughter is extremely scared of them and once refused to write a book summary in school because it turned out to be about spiders. Anyway, paper spiders are far less scary. Why not make some to decorate for Halloween?!

All you need is black construction paper, scissors, and a stapler.

Here’s how…

  1. Start by cutting a bunch of 12 X 1 inch strips of black construction paper
  2. Cut one strip in half, fold both halves in half, then cut 4 legs into the fold on each (leave about an inch on the ends)
  3. Bend so some legs are up and some are down
  4. Curl the end of the next 12 X 1 inch strip with a thick marker, line up end with one of the sets of legs and make a small loop (loop needs to be big enough for bottom of stapler to fit inside)
  5. While holding small loop, grab other set of legs and make a larger loop in the other direction, then staple
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until you have the length you want

Confused? Watch my video tutorial…

We have fun decorating for Halloween but we don’t go too crazy. I am also helping to finish Annabelle’s Kawaii bunny costume and Eamon is happy to be carrying a scary sword again. We are planning to go trick or treating in our neighborhood but we will be staying away from the haunted house. Too scary! Do you have big plans for Halloween? Please share!

And if you want to make more Halloween themed paper chains check out these pumpkins and scary eyes in the dark!


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