Deconstruct Your Monsters

My kids used to like scary stories, a lot, but lately scary things have become too real for them to enjoy. That’s why GO AWAY BIG GREEN MONSTER by Ed Emberley was perfect for us this Halloween.

Through the clever use of die cut shapes on each page you first build the monster by adding scary eyes, nose, sharp teeth, etc. then you take him apart, one piece at a time, telling each piece to go away. This is a great book. It’s therapeutic actually. It shows how things that look scary are made up of lots of not so scary parts and piece. It should probably be sold in the self help section. Honestly, how much of life could you apply this process to? You construct your fears, so take them apart!

Another nice thing about this book is that the text is very simple so even a new reader can easily read it. I love when I don’t have to do all the talking at story time.

Big Green Monster Printable

So you’re probably thinking, great, we’d love to read this one but how are we going to get our hands on a copy so last minute? Well, you really don’t need to. You can tell this story with some simple cutouts. Print the following PDF, Big Green Monster Printable, cut out the shapes, and narrative as you build your scary monster, tell him he doesn’t scare you, and then take him apart. Books are not the only way to share stories. Have fun with it! If you have the book this would also be a simple follow up activity. I also have prinatable props for The Mitten here.

So did it work? Are you feeling a lot less scared? Then why not draw some weirdo’s!

My friend Colleen in third grade introduced me to Ed Emberley. She had his drawing book of animals which blew me away until I saw MAKE A WORLD. Everything you could ever want to draw was in this book or at least that’s what I believed in 1978! You can also get new Ed Emberly printables here.

Watch this inspiring video about Ed Emberley and his drawing books…

For more awesome monster books check out this post from Pragmatic Mom. I have discovered some great picture books thanks to the recommendations of my fellow Picture Book of the Day bloggers. Follow along by liking Doodles and Jots on Facebook!


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