Fringe Bag Crochet Pattern

Bags are fun and easy to make and great beginner projects! Here is one I really wanted to have done in time for the holidays because I thought it would make a nice handmade gift and be great to carry on New Years Eve but I ran out of time.

So if you like it maybe pin it for next year!

Easy Fringe Bag Free Crochet Pattern

What you’ll need…

Chunky Gray yarn, lightweight silver yarn, 9 mm hook, 3.25 mm hook, and a medium size button

Here’s How…

  1. To make a bag that measures 4.5 X 7.25 inches chain 14 with the chunky yarn and 9 mm hook, chain 2 and turn
  2. Skip last 2 chains and single crochet into chain, chain 2 and turn
  3. Row 2-25, 14 single crochets, 1 single crochet into chain 2, chain 2 and turn
  4. Row 25, to add the button hole single crochet 6, chain 2, skip 2, single crochet 6 plus 1 in chain 2, and tie off
  5. To close bag and create strap, fold rectangle in half and stitch one side starting at the bottom with single crochets, chain stitch 100 or to desired length, then stitch bag closed on opposite side top to bottom with single crochets
  6. To create equal length fringe pieces wrap lightweight silver yarn around an approximately 6 inch wide hardcover book 105 times and make one cut along spine
  7. Use 3.25 hook to pull each fringe piece through and loop it around itself at each stitch on every other row
  8. Sew a button in place opposite button hole

And that’s it, all done!

Crochet Fringe Bag Instructions

I honestly didn’t think about the button closure until it was too late. It would definitely be more functional with it which is why I might make another to include it and if I do I am considering making a video tutorial! But I have to say my daughter loved it as is and carried it on our coffee date this weekend which made my day.

Winter vacation is coming up. We are staying close to home with maybe a museum trip to Boston. Do you have school vacation plans? Please share!


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