Parkinson’s Pranks

lil pencil

Parkinson’s plays pranks on me!

It has gradually shrunk all the pens and pencils, utensils, buttons, zippers, laces, really everything I handle, is smaller. Things just get lost in my hand. Not funny Parkinson’s. Hard to believe right? When the well intentioned young man from occupational therapy gave me foam tubing and sticky gauze to put around pens, etc. a year and a half ago I politely accepted but carried the bag home laughing. Ha, ha, ridiculous! Now… where did I put all that stuff?

Then there are the shoes. This past fall Parkinson’s rounded the bottoms of all my shoes. When? I don’t know. Maybe one night I was sleeping especially sound? I do have nights when I can’t remember anything. Of course with rounded soles it is hard to balance. I was thinking snow shoes would solve the problem. They would be really stable! In the meantime my balance is off so I have to make sure to do my balance exercises and walk everyday except when it is icy.

Also Parkinson’s is experimenting with my food. It likes to take out all the tasty bits and replace them with saw dust plus I think it might be putting something in there that makes me feel sick especially around and after dinner. I have lost some weight, I think anyway. Or did it somehow stretch out all my clothes? Hmm…

A lot of nights it likes to wake me up, out of the blue at 3 am and convince me it is morning so I can’t get back to sleep. Hahaha Parkinson’s! This is the trick I dislike the most. It makes me very unproductive that day and if I try and take a nap it enjoys zapping me with electricity making it impossible to fall asleep.

Parkinson’s thinks it’s especially hilarious to play tricks on me when I am out and about. For example if I am driving and I turn a corner it likes to make me think I have never been at that intersection before, just for a second then it will say, just kidding! Or if I am in a crowd it makes me almost forget how to walk at all. Hahaha, not funny! Of course I get Parkinson’s back by not going anywhere 😉

Parkinon’s is crafty but I am craftier!



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