Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

I spy geese playing follow the leader. Geese tend to fly in formation. Often you will see them flying in a V-shape. I have read they do this to conserve energy like athletes drafting. If they were ducks I could have said something about having my ducks in a row. But I almost never have all my ducks in a row. Just about the time I get them lined up something unplanned happens like one of my ducks has to use the bathroom.

Snow Coat

snow branches

I really can’t believe we got more snow! I haven’t been out in it yet but it looks like the heavy kind so I think I will get my exercise shoveling today! I love how the snow coats the trees and everything looks so white at least for a little while until it all starts plopping down to the ground.

Inkblot Heart Valentines with Printable

Do you need a last minute idea for handmade Valentines? Do you like printmaking, strange psychological fads, and things that are easy? Well then do I have a craft for you!

Inkblot Valentines with Printable

All you need is a printer, card stock, and tempera paint (black adds a nice authentic Rorschach look but you can use red or pink or whatever). Just print out the following PDF on card stock: Inkblot Valentines (There are three messages but of course you can choice to just print the “Happy Valentine’s Day” page if the other two are too mushy for you). Next cut them out, fold, and open back up. Now paint half a heart on one side of the fold, refold, press to transfer paint to the other half, and reopen. You may want to experiment first with how much paint and pressure to use on scrap paper. Once the cards are dry address, sign, and staple shut. That’s easy, right?!

By the way you really have opened my heart (blush).

Sun Sprinkle

sun sprinkles

It was snowing yesterday, just a little, but the sun was shining. When it rains and it’s sunny we call it a sunshower but what is it called when it snows? I tried to look it up on my magic answer machine but didn’t find anything. I did find out that in a lot of places around the world clever animals like foxes get married during sunshowers. It must be good luck!


Ice Flowers

ice flowers

It has snowed here more already this season than probably the last two winters combined! In fact the kids have another day off from school today due to another storm. When it snows so much you start to notice how each snow fall is different. When it is really cold the flakes can be really small. This snow is generally lighter and easier to shovel but not great for sledding. Sometimes when the temperature hovers right around freezing you get big corn flake size snow flakes. This type of snow is heavy but much better for sledding. The last storm (the one before today’s) was icy. Alternating snow and rain makes driving especially dangerous but also happens to coat the trees in beautiful blobs of ice. On my drive to pick up the kids from school I noticed these blobs where sparking with sunset colors. It was like driving down streets lined with gems. I could almost hear the twinkles!

A New Year

last sunset 2013

I took a photo of the last sunset of 2013 and posted it on Instagram. Apparently it was a popular thing to do. I spend a bunch of time last night liking sunset photos from around the planet. So many beautiful ones!

Did you stay up to ring in the new year? Mr. Doodles was DJ-ing a fancy party so it was just me and the kids last night. We had finger foods including pigs in blankets, hummus and chips, berries, and lobster. So I guess our party was fancy too! My son checked out at 11 but my daughter made it and she and I rang in the new year with Ryan Seacrest from my comfy bed.

New Years is always a good time to reflect back and plan ahead. I like how WordPress sends bloggers an annual report. It included most popular posts, top commentators (thanks Pragmatic Mom, Blissful E, Mama Smiles, Mom, and Artchoo!), top referrers, and traffic info. If you are curious you can take a peak at mine hereContinue reading