Bucket Books

Combine Your Reading and Bucket Lists!

Bucket List Picture Books

I recently started a bucket list. It is not a big serious thing, just a place to stash ideas. When I read or hear about a place or thing that might be fun someday or interesting I jot it down in my OneNote bucket list. The act itself of making a bucket list is fun but who knows if I will every be so indulgent to do everything on my list. I am just way too practical a person. That was when I got the brilliant idea to combine my bucket list with my reading list!

Even if you do plan on eventually doing everything on your bucket list why not satisfy your interests in the short term with books.

Here are a few to start me off…  Continue reading

Pink Tree

pink tree illustration

This house has some pretty shocking curb appeal, don’t you think?! The pink trees are in bloom in my neighborhood. If this was my house and I was planning to sell it, now would be the time. I mean who would care about what the house was like with this tree in the front yard. It is outta site!

I also noticed lots of little growing things on my walk today that I will be posting on Instagram. So check it out. By the way, I did not shatter any course records today.

Theater Mom

Theater Mom

I joined a mommy group after my daughter was born. It met for about 8 weeks and it was something I really looked forward to every week during my maternity leave. In fact I still keep in touch with a few of the moms on Facebook. Something the group leader said once really stuck with me. She said it was not always our job as parents to provide but rather sometimes it is about facilitating. A simple example would be finding and taking our children to a pediatrician. I kept this in mind as I discovered my daughter was a tad bit more outgoing than I was and when she turned three I put her in a Creative Movement class at a local theater. Performing is something I admire but would never have been into (I am way too shy)! Since then she has taken one, sometimes two classes each year. She enjoys it. She says they play fun games and at the end of a session the classes perform a demonstration. This year she auditioned for and got a part in her first actual play! It was exciting and scary for all of us actually but now that it’s all done we can reflect and say it was a fantastic experience for her. She is ready to do it again and I will again be there to facilitate it for her!

And now for a little bit behind the scenes of a theater mom…  Continue reading

Poetry Picks

Beautiful Poetry Books for Kids

poetry books for kids

Poetry is hard to define. For every rule there is an exception. It is one of those thing that you just know when you see it. I like poetry that make me wonder. I like poems that are fun and clever. I like poetry that rhymes! Before National Poetry Month is over I want to share some of my favorite poetry books that also happen to be illustrated beautifully. For more info and sample pages from Amazon click on the TITLE hyperlinks.  Continue reading

Somebody Likes Yellow

Poetry month is almost over and I can’t believe I haven’t posted about it at all! I love poetry! So I decided to write a haiku for this installment of I SPY.

Yellow Yard

Winter wondering,
Favorite color concealed
Yellow! spring revealed

My inspiration for this haiku was a neighbor who must love yellow considering all the forsythia and daffodils in their yard. Haiku are fun to write because their structure is pretty simple. A haiku consists of three lines of 5,7,5 syllables. I also like them because traditionally they are written about nature. I learned all I know about haikus from Wabi Sabi (included in this book list), a picture book written in haiku, with a brief yet very informative afterword.

Now it’s your turn to share a haiku or poem you have written, links welcome!

Trumpet Trees

I Spy Trumpet Trees

When we go on long drives I become entranced by the trees along the highway. I especially like to watch them in unpopulated areas and mark time as a forest of pines changes into a forest of oaks and back again. I am also amazed at the uniformity of these prestine woods. On a recent drive to Western Massachusetts I notices how the oaks looked like perfectly positioned horns in an orchestra. In my trance I think I could even hear them.

Robins, Worms, and Fog

robins, worms, n fog

The worms came out for the fog and the robins came out for the worms in today’s I Spy!

My son and I watched these robins get big juice worm after big juice worm outside the library the other night as we ate our supper in the car while my daughter was at rehearsal. I am sure they had tummy aches after so many worms! “Eats like a bird” just doesn’t have the same meaning after seeing that.

Have you been noticing springtime bird activities? Please share!