I ♥ Animation

When I was a little kid I wanted to be a Disney animator.  I loved fairy tales and Disney art.  Plus I was fascinated by the process of animation.  We had a set of Golden Book encyclopedias and I loved looking at the animation entry, especially the pictures, of course.  This childhood dream of mine did not come true but I am still as fascinated by animation as ever!   Continue reading

It’s a Blur

Art is so hard to define isn’t it?  One time people had a hard time seeing photography as art or abstract paintings, or how about this.  Or how about something that was completely created accidentally.  This is a photo I took while putting my camera away.  I don’t know what it’s of, but I like the colors and the soft effect from the motion blur.  So, I am going to be controversial today and call it art!  Now that I think about it, it is often the unexpected in art that I respond to.  I think that is why I like printmaking.

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Imaginative Play with Kids

simple illustration of a stickI know my brain is capable of imagination.  This morning I work up in the middle of a very detailed dream. I was exploring the many unusual rooms of a fixer-upper we bought.  It had a perfect children’s room with a slide instead of a door to get out and over the garage was a theater room not with a stupid big TV but with a stage and curtain and old fancy woodwork.  The only downside was that it had a big hole in the attic floor you could fall into.   Continue reading

My Art Page

Today I have a new page to share!  It’s called “My Art” and you can find in on my menu bar or by clicking here.

There you will find an overview of my process for creating the visuals for my posts.  I hope to update it from time to time possibly with more step by step detail if it seems like there is an interest.  I would love your feedback!

First Class Art

Back in January stamps went from 44¢ to 45¢.   Price increases aren’t as big a deal as they used to be thanks to forever stamps, online bill pay, and email.  Who sends actual letters anymore?  But for those of us who buy stamps for the art, it is secretly fun because when the price goes up we get to augment our art sharing (a.k.a. envelope stamping) with a one or two cent stamp!

And how easy/fun is it be to go to USPS online, grab some Bobcats and Continue reading

Something as Beautiful

I was so totally struck by the perfection of my infant children.  It made me want to paint!  I even wanted to sculpt their sweet faces in clay (I wonder if anyone can relate?).  It is clear, even in just the blog world, that I am not the only one inspired by motherhood.  I wanted to see what it was like to create something so beautiful.  Not a perfectly rendered copy but I wanted to document what I saw and understand it deeper than you can from just seeing.  The way taking notes helps you remember material from a lecture or book.

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Try My Artist’s Way Toolkit for Free

About a month ago I posted about my personal experience using My Artist’s Way Toolkit.  You can find out about it and read my thoughts here.  If you are interested in trying it out for  FREE for one month you can use this promo code: BLOGHER (all in caps).  You will be asked to add your credit card info but will NOT be charged for your one month free trial!  Cool, huh?!  Try it, your creativity will thank you!!!