Scary Garland

scary garland

Warning:  Hit the back button NOW if you were expecting a cutesy craft.  

This garland will give you nightmares!  There is nothing scarier or easy to make than this “eyes in the dark” garland.  All you need is black and yellow construction paper, a hole punch, and stapler.

Here’s how…  

Cut 1.5 X 6 inch strips of black and yellow construction paper.  Punch 3 sets of frightened eyes in each strip of black.  Add yellow to a black strip, form a loop, and staple.  Interlock a second loop in the first, staple, and repeat.  Continue until you have reached your desired length (the longer the scarier)!

Pot of Gold Craft

Is your house starting to look very green with all the Saint Patrick’s Day crafts coming home from school?  Would you like to partake in a little Saint Paddy’s Day crafting but shudder at the idea of adding more green to your fridge or mantle?  Would you like that craft to be easy, mess free, and bring you fortune?  Then do I have a St. Paddy’s Day craft for you!

pot of gold craft

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Handmade Message Ornaments

I am finally REALLY looking forward to Christmas.

Since having kids it has become my favorite holiday again!  And now since I have finally finish shopping (mostly), send out the cards, got the tree up, decorations, lights, I can now start taking it all in.  It is fun getting a few cards in the mail everyday and seeing all the beautiful light displays around town.  My kids spent some time yesterday making and wrapping gifts.  My son was even wrapping some of his toys to give to his stuffed animals.  How cute is that?!   Continue reading

Lucky Links of Green

Shamrock Garland Craft

Since the real thing is way too small and scarce this time of year, let’s get crafty for St. Paddy’s Day with some construction paper shamrocks!

So without further ado, back by popular demand…  wait for it…  heart garland (audible cheers!) in its CLOVER configuration!

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Yarn Hearts

Simple Valentine Craft

Yarn Hearts

Take a look around your home…  Are you feeling the Valentine’s love yet?  Is there a serious lack of hearts in sight?  What if I told you you just need 30 minutes, some left-over chunky yarn, Elmer’s glue, and plastic wrap to whip your home into shape for Cupid’s arrival (now less than 1 month away)! Continue reading

Easy Heart Garland Craft

Since my 6 year old daughter already has her Valentines made up, I thought I better get my act together and start my Valentine’s preparation!

Today I am sharing an easy to make heart garland.  It is versatile and you only need construction paper, staples, and scissors.  You can also use an Xacto knife to cut the strips which makes cutting faster and more accurate.  You can create a vertical or horizontal version.  I also made some singles to just play with, stack, and have fun arranging.  You will need several sheets of construction paper (2 or more colors) and lots of staples! Continue reading

Christmas Tree Ornament Craft: Spoon-Santa

Santa Ornament Craft

To help you and your kids get into the holiday decorating spirit here is a simple Santa ornament craft.  Click on this link to print out the free Santa Ornament Craft!

What you’ll need: 

Plastic spoon
12 inch string

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