Easter Surprise

Easter Egg Paper Craft for Kids

easter surprise craft

I have a super duper quickie last minute Easter craft for you today!  Print out the following PDF: easter surprise then cut out the chick and egg shapes.  Trace the shapes on construction paper.  Use a light color for the egg if you plan to decorate it.  Cut out two egg shapes but only add the crack to one.  Cut out the chick shape and give it an eye and orange beak.  Next add a perimeter of glue on the inside to one egg shape.  Then sandwich your chick between the egg shapes.  Make sure to center your chick so it doesn’t get glued too.


Skip the crack all together and let the chick or chicks peck their own way out!

easter egg craft

Happy Easter Friends!

P.S. I did it!  This is egg post number 12!

Egg Cups

We eat eggs about once a week.  We might have them for a late breakfast on a lazy Saturday or sometimes we make “breakfast for dinner”.  It is usually scrabbled but sometimes we change it up with soft boiled eggs.

I have been seeing eggs made in muffin tins for a while on Pinterest and I thought maybe I will finally get around to trying it for my egg series (this is number 11 if you are counting)!

egg cups 2

Here’s how I made mine…   Continue reading

Mermaid’s Purse

I am counting this as number 8 in my egg post series!  Enjoy this fun little video (as promised) of mermaid’s purses which are the eggs of some sea creatures!. You can see the little fishy swimming inside!

We saw these at the Ocean Science Exhibit Center at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.  It is set to one of my son’s favorite songs.  Yellow Submarine by The Beatles.

* * *

Do your kids have a favorite song?  Please share!

Egg Anatomy Printable

egg anatomy printable

Welcome to the seventh installment of my egg themed series.  I am more than halfway to my goal of a dozen egg posts!  And since I am over the hump I thought it might be good time for a recap.  My first egg post (when I conceive this whole silly notion) was an egg garland craft.  My second was egg picture books, next an illustrated coll-egg-tion, then came egg shaped Easter basket gift ideas, also egg inspired design, and yesterday was crayon egg decorating.  Wow!  That’s a lot of egg posts!  And now after all that eggy fun I thought it might be time to step back and learn a little bit about this so called egg.  So let’s get crackin!   Continue reading

Inspiration for the Bunny

Egg Shaped Gifts for Easter


We woke up this morning to many inches of the white stuff outside but I am going to power on anyway with spring posts and my egg series!  Today is a round up of egg shaped gift ideas.  I am going to skip the obvious and edible ones and share some fun toys for both kids and grown-ups.  Are you an Amazon prime member?  Buy them with my affiliate links and I get a little money and you get them fast!

So let’s get on with it and do some egg shaped shopping!   Continue reading

Rain Painting

Rainy Day Art Project with Kids

rain painting

My son expected the first day of spring to arrive with spring weather.  Little kids are funny!  But turns out he was right!  Yesterday being the last day of winter was also perfectly wintry.  We woke to freezing rain.

The best thing to to on a rainy day is to not get out of bed but if you can’t the next best thing is to turn that rain into lemon-aid!  After dropping my daughter off at school my son and I decided to make son art with the rain!  Continue reading

Egg Garland

Hey there eggheads!

Boy do I have a bunch of egg-citing posts planned for you to celebrate The Easter season! Well, actually I have two including this one but I am gonna run with it and turn it into a full carton. Yes, count ‘em 12, a full DOZEN egg themed posts!

So let’s go ahead and kick off the fun with a craft!

Easter Craft Continue reading