Stingy Trees

I waited too long to take my walk today. When I finally got out it was midday, 87°, and there way NO shade on the streets and sidewalks. But then I noticed there was shade. It was just that the trees were keeping it all to themselves! I guess they were hot too and simply had no shade to spare. When I got home I took a cold shower that felt as good as a hot shower feels in the dead of winter. Sometimes these seasons are overrated!

midday shadow

On a positive note, my walking is going great. I am walking nearly four miles six days a week (mapmywalk is a great app for calculating mileage), I am also eating less (myfitnesspal is great for calculating calories for the day), and I have lost 4 pounds. Also I felt pretty good when the other day my sister walked with me. She wears a heart rate monitor and we had to slow down a little because she passed her target heat rate!

Inspired to read about shadows? SHADOW by Suzy Lee is a fun one that comes to mind. It is a wordless picture book I included in this book list post. Check it out! Don’t like reading wordless picture books? Check out this post at What Do We Do All Day for tips!


New Year’s Resolutions

Just the idea of New Year’s Resolutions makes me feel unmotivated.  I know the average person gives up on them and I am pretty average so I am not going to bother!  Instead I am going to pat myself on the back for my accomplishments of 2011 and if you are feeling the self improvement pressure take a minute to reflect.  I bet you have much to be proud of too! Continue reading