The Doodles and Jots gang had a big night out at the 99 the other night and as we were walking through the parking lot headed into the restaurant the sky looked like this…

Then we had our fill of food and fun (including seconds and thirds on popcorn to start and ending with our petite treats) and as we were leaving the sky looked like this.   Continue reading

The Letter S

Big S, little s [Square 721 BT font]

Big S, little s, words that start with s…

Welcome to the fifth installment of my letter themed photo essays!  I am also featuring a font as I have with the last 4 letter posts for W, B, R, and F.  The font I chose for S is Square721 BT.  It is part of the Square 721 font family designed by the late Italian designer Aldo Novarese and is packaged with Microsoft Office.  This font and its boxy letters are perfect for achieving a modern feel.  I use this one a lot!

Now let’s see what I have for photos…

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The Letter W

 Letter W Themed Photo Essay

The letter W (Eggwhite-Lite font)

Big W, little w, words that start with w…

Welcome to the forth installment of my letter themed photo posts!  As with the last 3 letter posts for BR, and F, I am also featuring a font.  The font I picked for W is Eggwhite-Lite.  It is the font I use for my Doodles and Jots logo and it comes with Gimp, a free Photoshop-like photo editing program.  This fun font is available through The Font Bureau and the designer Cyrus Highsmith who is a RISD grad (no wonder I like it)!

Now on to the photos…

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Materials Flash Cards

Lately my son is asking lots of questions about what different things are made of, how they are made, and about their properties.  Really!  I know, definitely a future engineer!  I love these question and want to encourage his interest.  So today I am sharing some flash-cards I made that you can use in a bunch of different ways.

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Bird Games

small birds flee as crow approaches

This morning there was one crow home, perched on it’s cupola nest, so I decided to stop and visit.  While I was watching, the crow flew away and a bunch of smaller birds (maybe finches) flew from a nearby tree up to perch on and around the crow’s nest.  A few minutes later the crow came back and the small birds flew off in a hurry.  This happened a few more time before I left.  I wonder why the small birds were venturing up there only to be chased away.  Is it like a game?  I wonder…

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