Stockings Hung with Care

Christmas Stockings (felt-tip pen on marker-paper; rendered in Gimp)

When I was a kid, stockings were my favorite part of Christmas morning; which is why it is so ironic that I despise them now that I am a parent.  Well maybe that is a little too strong.  I don’t despise them.  I like how they look hanging up near the chimney.  I enjoy watching my children pull small gifts out with so much anticipation.  I just don’t like shopping for them and filling them.   Continue reading

Gifts are Love

Printable gift-tags and bows in assorted colors

My 3 year old son has more than once said he loves Grandma, Mommy, & Daddy because we buy him things!  I don’t think he is spoiled.  I don’t think we BUY him too much.  I was mildly disgusted until I thought about it for a while.  Giving gifts has been around since the beginning of mankind.  People give gifts to show appreciation, generosity, and caring.  That is love isn’t it?  Continue reading

Hand-made Gifts for Kids

hand-made doll’s wardrobe

If you are low on cash and have some spare time and if your kids are young enough to not know the difference you can make a lot of their Christmas gifts.

I know, because I did it 2 Christmases ago when I met all three criteria!  It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun!  Consider it…  Use your imagination, the internet, and the materials you already have.  I made it a GOAL to buy a little as possible and use materials I already had from past projects, etc. Continue reading

Pretty-easy Holiday Prints!

holiday print (styrofoam, tempera, & craft-paper)

Styrofoam Printmaking

Save those to-go Styrofoam containers or well cleaned meat trays!  Here is a kid-friendly art project that you will enjoy too: A print-making method which is great for making holiday cards, gift-wrap, or customized gifts.  The great thing about prints is once you have a design you like, you can make multiples!  Everyone on your list this season will love getting a personalized gift with your artistic touch (or at least they will say they do)!

Ideas for personalized gifts…

Journal, tote-bag, keepsake box, ornaments, t-shirt, apron

Continue reading