DIY Klutz-Style Activity Book

Do you love Klutz activity books like us?  Did you enter my giveaway and not win?  Did you have your heart set on winning?  I always do that!  If I enter a giveaway, I think I have already won.  I imagine where I will put it and how I will use it.

Well today I have a consolation prize for all of you wonderful participators! What is especially wonderful about this prize is that it will fill that Klutz void with an activity book of your choice and and it comes with the added pride and satisfaction of a DIY project!

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DIY Abstract Art

Do you have a sad, bare wall in need of some cheering up in the form of colorful art?  Is buying original art out of you current budget?  Would you enjoy a no mess, almost instantly gratifying, and creative project for you and/or your kids.  Yes?  Well, then do I have a fun and easy project for you!

Here is how to create an original abstract “painting” on canvas without, talent, technique, or artist’s materials!

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Blooming Bookmarks

Are you in need of a handmade Mother’s Day gift idea?  Does your lawn need weeding?  Does Mom love quiet reading time?

I saw this idea on Pinterest for transferring the pigment from leaves onto paper and I thought, “gee, that should work for flowers too!”

So, how about trying this…

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Hand-made Easter Gift

It’s the last day of March!  Are you excited that winter is over?  Are you enjoying some Out-like-a-lamb weather and looking forward to Easter (just one week away)?  Are you in need of a craft to get you into the Spring Holiday spirit?  Do you love handmade gifts for kids?  Well then do I have just the thing for you!

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Be Mine

Printable Valentines to customize and share…

Valentines (print and customize)

Store bought Valentines are easy but can be impersonal and cost money.  Hand-made ones are special but take time and thought.

Here is a nice compromise.  I have created printable Valentines that you can cut-out and customize to give them that personal touch for FREE.


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Making Paintbrushes with Natural Materials

Paint brushes made from natural materials

Today the freezing cold temperatures, that have turned us into shut-ins lately, rose just enough with the bright midday sun to allow us to get out into the backyard for a little bit.  The sun felt good and my son and I had fun exploring as we gathered materials for our little project today.

Back in art school there was a teacher that had his students make art supplies from natural materials.  I didn’t have that teacher but ever since then I have wanted to try it.  I can’t believe it took me 22 years to do it! Continue reading

Crayola Fabric Crayons

Doll created with fabric crayons

Printed Doll

Often the most fun and useful gifts turn out to the least expensive!  I picked up Crayola fabric crayons for a stocking stuffer and my 6 year old daughter has already put them to good use creating a personalized baby blanket for her new niece.  The project was all her idea and the blanket turned out so sweet!  And unlike iron on transfer sheets the result is not plasticy and stiff.  We simply followed the directions on the back of the crayon box.  First she created the design on paper and then I ironing it onto fabric with a high polyester content.  One thing to remember is that your design will transfer backwards so if the design has text you must write it backwards. Continue reading

Pretty-easy Holiday Prints!

holiday print (styrofoam, tempera, & craft-paper)

Styrofoam Printmaking

Save those to-go Styrofoam containers or well cleaned meat trays!  Here is a kid-friendly art project that you will enjoy too: A print-making method which is great for making holiday cards, gift-wrap, or customized gifts.  The great thing about prints is once you have a design you like, you can make multiples!  Everyone on your list this season will love getting a personalized gift with your artistic touch (or at least they will say they do)!

Ideas for personalized gifts…

Journal, tote-bag, keepsake box, ornaments, t-shirt, apron

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