Yarn Hearts

Simple Valentine Craft

Yarn Hearts

Take a look around your home…  Are you feeling the Valentine’s love yet?  Is there a serious lack of hearts in sight?  What if I told you you just need 30 minutes, some left-over chunky yarn, Elmer’s glue, and plastic wrap to whip your home into shape for Cupid’s arrival (now less than 1 month away)! Continue reading

Valentine Books


Ever since I posted my Heart Garland craft, I can’t get red and pink hearts out of my mind!  Valentine’s Day is a whole month away and I am totally preoccupied with it (much more than usual).  Today I am making a request list for the library and though I would share my selections.  I picked some authors and illustrators I like, descriptions that were interesting, and tried to stay away from series and licensed characters…

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Easy Heart Garland Craft

Since my 6 year old daughter already has her Valentines made up, I thought I better get my act together and start my Valentine’s preparation!

Today I am sharing an easy to make heart garland.  It is versatile and you only need construction paper, staples, and scissors.  You can also use an Xacto knife to cut the strips which makes cutting faster and more accurate.  You can create a vertical or horizontal version.  I also made some singles to just play with, stack, and have fun arranging.  You will need several sheets of construction paper (2 or more colors) and lots of staples! Continue reading