Welcome Baby Birds!

A little while back I told you about our House Finch nest and that we have egg-citing news!  Honestly, I haven’t looked lately because I pass under it everyday and it has been so quiet up there.  But just today I notices an extreme amount of poop around the perimeter of the nest, so I went and grabbed the step ladder and this is what I saw!  Lots of wispy feathers and 3 yellow beaks!  That makes three baby birds.  They must have hatched a while ago because they are so much bigger than their eggs.  They just about fit in that nest.  Congratulations Mama and Papa House Finch!  I am sure they have their own names but since we don’t speak Finch I have given them English names.  Introducing, counterclockwise from the top: Inch, Pinch, and Surprise (since we didn’t know about this one).

* * * 

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