Lemon-Pepper Chicken & Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

Lemon-pepper chicken and rosemary roasted potatoes (crayons and construction paper)

Here is my recipe for lemon-pepper chicken “you only think you don’t like dark meat” thighs with roasted rosemary potatoes.  You can team this meal up with any number of seasonal steamed vegetables.  The reason I say “you only think you don’t like dark meat” is because maybe you have never had it like this!  What’s my secret?  I cook the LIFE out of that chicken at least 3X over!  The result is the perfect crispy skin to meat ratio with only one bone to negotiate and meat with the texture and taste similar to roasted duck.  And the potatoes – they are full of flavor and crispy goodness.  Your whole family AND your pocket-book will love this meal! Continue reading