Marriage Mini Rut

drawn in PowerPoint; paper texture and embossing added in Gimp

I wouldn’t exactly say my marriage is in a rut but I have my interests (can you guess?) and Mr. Doodles and Jots has his music and then pile on kids and jobs and what is left for each other?  Neither one of us is exceptionally needy and our marriage is fine but you could definitely say we have been in need of an easy way to connect.

Enter the TV mini-series!

This year we started watching television mini series.   Continue reading

Libraries: A True Story

"Library Closed" felt-tip pen on marker paper

My children spend a lot of time in libraries.  We’re kind of library junkies.  We have a local library where we go AT LEAST once a week and we also go on excursions to other libraries within our network.  We have been to lots of story hours and participate in many activities offered by the library.  I am really not bragging – what else do you do with kids?  They constantly want to go somewhere, do something, and get something.  We also go to the park a lot but sometimes it’s raining, too cold, or too hot.  The library is the ultimate for us.  It is something to do, something to get, and it doesn’t cost me any money.  While we are there they can pick books, use the computers, do some coloring, and play with the puppet show or trains.  In addition to lending books, music, and movies they even have (educational) toys and activities that you can borrow.  I honestly don’t know why this place is not mobbed everyday! Continue reading