Printable Protractor

I can never find a protractor. I am sure we have at least one in the house but it is never there when I need it. And if you are like me, you are always wanting to find out the angle of something! Protractors are really like reading glasses, you should have at least one in every room. Now thanks to Doodles and Jots you can live that dream without breaking the bank.

printable protractor

Today I am sharing a printable protractor. Click on the image above to open the PDF printable. Print on translucent vellum or acetate for best results but card stock or regular printer paper will work too especially if you print it in multiple sizes. You can do that by changing the scale when printing (something you couldn’t do with length measurements). This should provide hours of measuring fun for you and your kids. Enjoy!

For lots more math fun check this really cool book from Usborne!

Other printables in this series:

Walking to Florida


We are on spring break this week and must stay close to home because my daughter is in a play with several matinee shows. Last night I took the kids to the mall which they loved. My kids have funny names for things. An activity like this is called “three of us fun time”. When we go to the mall it entails food court, bookstore, cafe, and good conversation in the car to and fro.

On this particular trip we got to talking about how long it takes to drive to (my parents house in) Florida. Continue reading

Leprechaun Tessellation Printable

leprechaun tessellation printable

A tessellation is a shape that when repeated, fits together without gaps. M. C. Escher created some pretty amazing and complex ones. I love this one of fish I saw on the LeapFrog site so much it inspired me to make my own. Luckily they included instructions! I created a pattern of leprechauns and turned it into a PDF coloring page for St. Paddy’s Day: leprechaun tessellation printable

How do you think I did? My daughter loves it and has requested more coloring pages from Doodles and Jots. Maybe I will create a bunny tessellation next but in the meantime why not head on over to the LeapFrog site and trying making your own!

Nature Numbers, Subscribe and Get It!


counting bookGet my fun, new counting ebook when you sign up for email updates from Doodles and Jots.

This book will take you and your little one on a counting adventure through the forest from 1 to 10 and if you’re ready, introduce your child to multiplication too! The link for the book will be in your subscription confirmation email.  Thanks!

Tweet Hearts Giveaway and Math Printable

Congratulations Natalie, you are the winner of this giveaway!  For more changes to win this fun book head on over to Susan Reagan Illustration on Facebook!  

Tweet Hearts Review and Giveaway

Recently I posted a heart themed book list for Valentine’s Day and while promoting it I connected with and started following Susan Reagan the author and illustrator of Tweet Hearts.  I bought this book to give to my son on Valentine’s Day (shh! don’t tell him).  Tweet hearts is a counting book for little ones featuring lovebirds and their ten little hearts.  The rhyming text and graphic illustrations are pure fun!   Continue reading

DIY Ellipse Maker

As a designer from way back I have ellipse guides from when drafting was done by hand.  Even though I don’t use them for drafting anymore they are a nice to have craft items.  I won’t suggest you run out and buy some as they are a tad expensive and and come in so many projections as well as sizes that you’ll never have the exact one you need.

By now you are probably have a project in mind or maybe you just have a strong urge to draw a perfect ellipse.  Well don’t fear!  Your crafts needn’t suffer!  I am going to show you how to make an adjustable ellipse tool with a popsicle stick and a piece of embroidery floss.

It is mostly easy to make, semi easy to use, and teaches you about the geometry of an ellipse at the same time!  It’s a win, win, win!

How to Make an Adjustable Ellipse Tool

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Acorn Math Game

There’s a little squirrel family that lives in a hollow log in our backyard thicket they share with a rabbit family and a slew of noisy sparrows.  Mother squirrel has been sending her young squirrels Edmund, Edwina and Forest out everyday for the last three days to collect acorns to save for winter.  The first day all three young squirrels came back with five acorns each.  The second day Edwina wasn’t feeling well and staying in bed but Forest and Edmund returned with five each again.  On the third day, all three squirrels collected five but Forest and Edmund each snuck one before returning home.  How many acorns do the three young squirrels have to show for three days of collecting?

I think these squirrels are going to have to step it up if they want acorns all winter!

Do you have acorns in your yard?  How about collecting some and trying your own math games!

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The Math of Motherhood

1. Addition…

The Math of Motherhood starts in the parental planning phase.  If I have a baby at 38 I will be what age when this baby graduates high school (38 + 18 = ?), college, If this child marries at 30 how old will I be, and so on.

2. Estimating…

Next, comes conceiving and estimating the best time to try. Then, of course, there is your estimated due date which is calculated at forty weeks from the day of you last period with that fun little round tool you doctor or midwife uses.

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A Dozen Dozens

dozen eggs

  1. There are a dozen eggs in a carton.
  2. There are a dozen months in a year.
  3. There are a dozen hours in a day (or night).
  4. Jesus had 12 disciples.
  5. There are 12 jurors on a jury.
  6. There are a 12 inches in a foot.
  7. Imperial is superior to metric when representing 1/3 (which is a repeating number as a decimal).
  8. A dozen dozens is called a gross.
  9. A cube has 12 edges.
  10. A dozen is divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, & 12 (2 more than 10 is divisible by).
  11. The duodecimal system has 12 as a base number and probably originated in Mesopotamian.
  12. If you have a 12 year old next year you will have a teenager!