My Life in Flags

We have a picture of me dressed up as Betsy Ross when I was about 5.  Luckily it was the 70′s so I could wear one of my everyday full length calico dresses.   Not sure what the occasion was but I remember the flag was handmade by my mom with a scrap of fabric and regular crayons.

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When I was 5

Carvel ice-cream in a baseball hat

When I was 5 we moved to an urban section of Queens, NY.  We lived on the second floor of a building with 2 sides connected by a courtyard.  I practiced drawing all the time partially thanks to a printing press on the ground floor.  We would grab discarded prints in huge stacks from their dumpster and draw on the backs.

The apartment we lived in had a bedroom for my older sister and I and one for my parents and baby brother.  Continue reading

We Bought a Zoo – Review

Free roaming peacock from our zoo visit

My 6 year old daughter went through a long phase of wanting to become an animal scientist and although she has moved on to wanting to be a “multimedia artist” I was still surprised that she wasn’t more excited about seeing “We Bought a Zoo” starring Matt Damon and directed by Cameron Crowe.  I really liked it!  She had her heart set on Chip-wrecked so maybe it was predetermined that she wasn’t going to enjoy it and feel the need to repeat her new word “boring” throughout the whole film.  Continue reading