Bubbles of Fun

Are you fascinated with bubbles?  Are you running low on stationary?  Are you looking for something fun and educational to do after school?  Do you enjoy combining art and science?    Do you need to sharpen your observational skills?  Do you have a bowl, water, dish soap, straws, tempera paint, and card-stock?

Then why not try this fun craft…

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If I could have only one toy for my children…

It would be blocks because…

They last forever!  You can use them to teach color and shape.  They build fine motor skills as children practice stacking and balancing.  Children can explore 2D and 3D aesthetic design with them.  They provide hands-on practice for creating sturdy and functional 3D design.  Blocks are an open-ended toy with infinite creative possibilities!  ”They” play nicely with other toys.  It is okay if one is missing.  Children of ALL AGES enjoy blocks.  It’s fun to knock them down!  They never end up in the basement! Continue reading

Better than a Good Idea

Mother Daughter Craft Time

My daughter ORDERED me away from the computer yesterday after school while my son was napping.  It was a perfect stolen moment for a little mother-daughter time.  She had a craft for us to work on: stuffed construction paper animals.   I know it don’t sound like it would work but I have seen her make small pillows this way before and it does, sort of.  Anyways, the point is that’s not the point, right?! Continue reading