Favorite Books with Flaps

favorite lift-the-flap books

It wasn’t that long ago I was thinking about how books with flaps were kind of redundant.  I mean why not just have another page?  I don’t think anyone would deny their basic value to babies obsessed with peek-a-boo, but for older kids?  Not necessary.  Then recently we discovered some great ones and it reminded me of other great ones.  When they are good they create further interactions with the book and add suspense.  They invite your child to make discoveries.  When they are great they can do even more!  It made me realize that flaps, folds, and die-cut pages when utilized and executed thoughtfully and creatively can really add value and richness to a story and a picture book reading experience.   Continue reading

Valentine Books


Ever since I posted my Heart Garland craft, I can’t get red and pink hearts out of my mind!  Valentine’s Day is a whole month away and I am totally preoccupied with it (much more than usual).  Today I am making a request list for the library and though I would share my selections.  I picked some authors and illustrators I like, descriptions that were interesting, and tried to stay away from series and licensed characters…

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Winter Reading

Winter Reading Time

My favorite winter picture books

Something I enjoy doing is sifting through the children’s books and pulling relevant seasonal books to display on top of a low bookcase for the kids to see.  Winter is a great season for reading.  Since there are fewer opportunities for “real” adventures we rely more heavily on literary ones.  In addition to holiday themes I put out many winter related books.  I am going to share a handful of those which are favorites of mine (oh, and the kids like them too). Continue reading