foliage along Kancamagus in the rain

Okay, so, it’s been raining A LOT during our long White Mountain weekend.  But what are you gonna do?  We’re having fun anyway!  And I’m snapping away.  After all, how boring would be if instead of this moody impressionistic windshield shot I posted a perfect crisp clear mountain view.  BORING!!! Right?!  This photo is taken at the top, nearly 30 thousand feet high, along the Kancamagus Scenic Highway.  You can tell by how small the trees are just how high we are.  Oh and POP, POP!  That was our ears!

We are heading back tomorrow and I promise to share lots more about our trip.  I hope you had a great weekend too!

Rainy day, Blue jay

This poor Blue jay looks so soggy wet after 2 whole days of rain.

* * * 

It was a little hard getting up to a rainy Monday, first day back to school after a vacation week.  We really needed the rain though.  It had been 3 weeks and the grass was getting crunchy!  Rain is good, remember?!

How do you face a rainy Monday morning?


Reasons for Rain

Because my car needs a rinse
For rain boots, coats, and umbrellas
For kids to splash in puddles
Because the animals are thirsty,
And so are the ponds and streams
For flowers to grow
To turn the world green
Because the clouds are tired
To turn the skies blue
Sometimes to make rainbows
Sometimes to cool us
To wash away pollen
To create a soothing sound
For inside play
For getting wet!

What is a Nor’easter & why we can thank Mexico!

marker paper cut-outs on construction paper

One of my goals is to learn about things we hear about all the time for which I know very little about.  In addition to general self improvement I can also look smarter around my children when they ask difficult questions!  New England just experienced a very significant Nor’easter now infamously known as the Halloween Nor’eatser.  What exactly is a Nor’easter?  I know it’s a big winter storm but that’s as much as I know.  So off I go to Wikipedia and Google definitions to get an education.

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