Unlock Your Baby’s Inner Bookworm

Reading to Babies

books for babies

If there is something you want to learn about you can find it in a book. Want to travel the world? Go there in a book! You can even travel through time or to magical worlds. Reading exercises your brain, increases your vocabulary, and is free (with a library’s card). I would guess kids who like to read do better in school too.   Continue reading

Why big blogs are good for us little blogs

Here is my opinion and a confession. I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feeling with this… Before I started my blog, I avoided blogs! If Google sent me to a blog when I was let’s say, looking up a recipe, I would immediately hit the back button and select a “more established” more reputable site.  Honestly, I wouldn’t even give it a chance.  And this is coming from a person who has a very close sister who has been a successful blogger for years! It is not that I didn’t respect what she was doing.  I was, in fact, impressed with what she had accomplished and built. Continue reading

Blooming Bookmarks

Are you in need of a handmade Mother’s Day gift idea?  Does your lawn need weeding?  Does Mom love quiet reading time?

I saw this idea on Pinterest for transferring the pigment from leaves onto paper and I thought, “gee, that should work for flowers too!”

So, how about trying this…

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