I Spy a Five Minute Blizzard

Five Minute Blizzard

It was nice out then for like five minutes this past Thursday there was a blizzard. It happened just as I was driving my son to his doctor’s appointment. It was snowing so heavy that immediately after brushing off my car the windows were coated again (before I could even pull out my driveway). Luckily the doctor’s office is close by. My son had an uneventful checkup and by the time we were leaving it was nice out again. It reminded me of those loud downpours you get in spring only because it was snow it was perfectly quiet. It is probably not the case but it seems like it snows every day around here!

Snow Coat

snow branches

I really can’t believe we got more snow! I haven’t been out in it yet but it looks like the heavy kind so I think I will get my exercise shoveling today! I love how the snow coats the trees and everything looks so white at least for a little while until it all starts plopping down to the ground.

Links of Winter

links of winter

It snowed two times last week. It is mostly gone now but for one day our world was blanketed in white. It made me take a second glance as I passed by the links golf course. I remember going there as a kid with my dad when it was the town dump. Under those peaceful pristine undulating hills is our old garbage! You can read about this very cool repurpose project here. Now instead of a landfill we have a transfer station where we take our garbage and recyclables and load them into train cars that get whisked away, over the bridge to I’m not sure where. It is free to drop off recyclables but you need a sticker (which costs about a hundred dollars a year) to drop of garage so there is an incentive to recycle.

We used to live in Waltham where they have weekly trash pick up. We didn’t even have to sort the recyclables! They also came around with a big vacuum cleaner for our leaves in the fall. How about you? What happens to your trash? Please share!

Animal Tracks in the Snow

bunny tracks in snow

The snow appears here to stay (at least during this frigid cold spell)!  It is too cold to play in and it is not melting so there are large areas in our yard undisturbed by us.  Which I think is why we are finding great animal tracks.  I like the bunny tracks best!  We don’t see the bunnies much in the winter but I guess they “get out” once in a while!  We’re also seeing some squirrel tracks and lots of bird tracks.  It is fun to try and identify them and also follow them.   Continue reading

Snowflake Cuties

Since I like snowflakes and holiday music here are a couple do-dads for you today on the eve of Christmas Eve!

Starting with this very cute Rosemary Clooney song and animation…

Have you seen this book?  It’s very cute.  We love the collage illustrations and it inspired us to make some with magazine cutouts last year…

By J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated by Lisa Desimini

Join two snowflake sisters — quick! — as they spiral down to glimpse St. Nick.
Then roller-coaster on and fall upon New York and the New Year’s ball.
Once it’s dropped and the old year’s out, arc on up to Central Park. There, before you grow much older, lay awhile on a snowboy’s shoulder (from Amazon)!

❄ ❄ ❄

And if you would like a printable template for a 6 sided snowflake check out this post!

❄ ❄ ❄

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I ♥ Tread Setting!

Here is a pattern I made with one of my Tread Setting photos from yesterday.  I tried a few, but this one was by far the coolest and to think, I made it with my car!  I think of driving as being such a masculine activity but this is definitely evidence of driving’s feminine side!  I think yesterday was winter’s last hurrah but if it snows again I will be looking for another empty parking lot!

Tread Setting Pattern (photo in Gimp: levels, posterize, colorize, then arranged multiples into pattern)