Half Hearts

Seen Differently

I recently reset my computer’s desktop background to a default image from my computer.  I was a black and white negative of a leaf.

It is a neat affect because it causes you to look at something potentially very familiar a little differently.  I have been meaning to try this photographic affect and here are a couple of my first attempts.

The pictures are of the tops of ornamental grass; maybe a seed pod that has opened up.  They look like half hearts.

I actually just reset it again.  This computer has some nice choices. Continue reading

Brainstorming for Bloggers

abstract created with Post-It flags

I really don’t think there is a person out there, no matter how talented that is able to produce great ideas all the time.  I know this is true for me.  Sometimes the ideas are flowing like water and other times not so much or frankly not at all!

As a product designer, I have planned and run many brainstorm sessions.  Brainstorming is an essential part of most product development processes.  And I believe that the brainstorming process can be utilized in almost any creative endeavor including blogging. Continue reading