Scissor School

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How to Cut with Scissors like a Pro

You can find a lot of printables on my site and many of these printables require cutting so I though it would be good to focus on this skill. I don’t want to brag or anything but I am kind of an awesome cutter. My professional cutting tool of choice is an X-acto knife because you can achieve greater control but X-acto knives are NOT for kids and you can still achieve a great result with scissors which are much safer!

Scissor School

Here’s how…

First of all you want to start with a sharp scissors. Continue reading

Imaginative Play with Kids

simple illustration of a stickI know my brain is capable of imagination.  This morning I work up in the middle of a very detailed dream. I was exploring the many unusual rooms of a fixer-upper we bought.  It had a perfect children’s room with a slide instead of a door to get out and over the garage was a theater room not with a stupid big TV but with a stage and curtain and old fancy woodwork.  The only downside was that it had a big hole in the attic floor you could fall into.   Continue reading

What to Do If You Oversleep

Do you occasionally oversleep?  Does it seem to take way too long to get out of the house in the morning with kids?  Does your morning routine leave you on edge especially when you’re rushed?

When I returned to work full time following the birth of my daughter I needed my morning routine to be easy!  I enjoyed our evenings so much that we probably stayed up too late and as a result I wasn’t exactly springing out of bed in the morning.

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Hand-made Easter Gift

It’s the last day of March!  Are you excited that winter is over?  Are you enjoying some Out-like-a-lamb weather and looking forward to Easter (just one week away)?  Are you in need of a craft to get you into the Spring Holiday spirit?  Do you love handmade gifts for kids?  Well then do I have just the thing for you!

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Stockings Hung with Care

Christmas Stockings (felt-tip pen on marker-paper; rendered in Gimp)

When I was a kid, stockings were my favorite part of Christmas morning; which is why it is so ironic that I despise them now that I am a parent.  Well maybe that is a little too strong.  I don’t despise them.  I like how they look hanging up near the chimney.  I enjoy watching my children pull small gifts out with so much anticipation.  I just don’t like shopping for them and filling them.   Continue reading

Quality time with kids and overnight family packing tips

Wish you were here!

Planning an overnight/weekend trip with my family is a significant source of stress and worry for me.  I mainly worry that I will forget to do something or bring something. Continue reading

This is how I keep my house from slipping into utter chaos

"clutter" felt-tip pen on marker paper

I don’t think I am especially tidy.  I often go into other peoples’ homes and drool over how perfect they are.  Even so, many guests of mine have openly asked how I keep my house so neat with two small children.  They are either being polite or maybe I am just a bit neater than average.

I must have some order in my home to be able to think.  It doesn’t exactly make sense but I have hear other people say the same thing so there must be something to it.   Continue reading

Teaching Tools for Reading

chalkboard portrait

As I mentioned in my post, Alphabet Books Are Awesome, I find reading to be a very important yet difficult skill to learn and master.  It actually involves several areas of the brain to work together.  I know it was intimidating for me as a child so I was determined to introduce reading to my children in the least threatening way possible.  It goes without saying that reading to your children everyday is important but I also find it is important for them to be actively participating and engaged.

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