Cleanup This Christmas

Storage Gift Ideas from Ikea

storage gift ideas

Is it just me or are you too not all that excited about bringing more stuff into the house this Christmas? Of course you can use the opportunity to purge things you are not using or at least stow some things in the attic or basement but if you are feeling like your family already has everything they need you may want to consider giving the gift of storage this Christmas. Sure all the gifts look so nice under the tree but then what? If you gift some storage items this dilemma goes away! I decided to visit Ikea online for inspiration…  Continue reading

Imaginative Play with Kids

simple illustration of a stickI know my brain is capable of imagination.  This morning I work up in the middle of a very detailed dream. I was exploring the many unusual rooms of a fixer-upper we bought.  It had a perfect children’s room with a slide instead of a door to get out and over the garage was a theater room not with a stupid big TV but with a stage and curtain and old fancy woodwork.  The only downside was that it had a big hole in the attic floor you could fall into.   Continue reading

If I could have only one toy for my children…

It would be blocks because…

They last forever!  You can use them to teach color and shape.  They build fine motor skills as children practice stacking and balancing.  Children can explore 2D and 3D aesthetic design with them.  They provide hands-on practice for creating sturdy and functional 3D design.  Blocks are an open-ended toy with infinite creative possibilities!  “They” play nicely with other toys.  It is okay if one is missing.  Children of ALL AGES enjoy blocks.  It’s fun to knock them down!  They never end up in the basement! Continue reading

Books are not the only way to share stories

Freebie Fridays:  Printable templates for “The Mitten” storytelling props

“The Mitten” shadow puppets

Today is the second installment of my wildly popular Freebie Fridays!  Last Friday I shared a downloadable Valentine’s Desktop.  If you missed it, check it out!  With all the downloading going on it practically crashed my site!


Books are definitely not the only way to share stories.  People have been telling stories much longer than there has been books.   Continue reading