Inkblot Heart Valentines with Printable

Do you need a last minute idea for handmade Valentines? Do you like printmaking, strange psychological fads, and things that are easy? Well then do I have a craft for you!

Inkblot Valentines with Printable

All you need is a printer, card stock, and tempera paint (black adds a nice authentic Rorschach look but you can use red or pink or whatever). Just print out the following PDF on card stock: Inkblot Valentines (There are three messages but of course you can choice to just print the “Happy Valentine’s Day” page if the other two are too mushy for you). Next cut them out, fold, and open back up. Now paint half a heart on one side of the fold, refold, press to transfer paint to the other half, and reopen. You may want to experiment first with how much paint and pressure to use on scrap paper. Once the cards are dry address, sign, and staple shut. That’s easy, right?!

By the way you really have opened my heart (blush).

Love Notes

Congratulations Heather, you won this giveaway!

pen and ink

Felix Doolittle Giveaway: Petite Love Notes

I have a short quiz for you today…

  1. Do you appreciate the finer things, like attention to detail?
  2. Do you value, appreciate, and like to support independent artists?
  3. Do you like to make friends and loved ones feel special?
  4. Are you emotionally drawn to small things and don’t know why?
  5. Are “wonder and imagination” words that speak deeply to you?

If you answered yes to these questions then I have something here you will love…
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Tweet Hearts Giveaway and Math Printable

Congratulations Natalie, you are the winner of this giveaway!  For more changes to win this fun book head on over to Susan Reagan Illustration on Facebook!  

Tweet Hearts Review and Giveaway

Recently I posted a heart themed book list for Valentine’s Day and while promoting it I connected with and started following Susan Reagan the author and illustrator of Tweet Hearts.  I bought this book to give to my son on Valentine’s Day (shh! don’t tell him).  Tweet hearts is a counting book for little ones featuring lovebirds and their ten little hearts.  The rhyming text and graphic illustrations are pure fun!   Continue reading