Christmas Carols Booklet

Caroler (felt-tip pen on marker paper)

I think it’s kind of funny when you start out strong singing a Christmas song then as you realize you only know the first couple lines, start mumbling to the tune and then follow it up with loud chorus singing.  Even with many of the classics I really only know the first and maybe second stanzas.

Christmas music gets me into the holiday spirit!  One of my favorite activities is to light a pine scented candle (a necessity with an artificial tree) and listen to Christmas music while arranging holiday decorations, wrapping gifts, or any other holiday prep activity. Continue reading

O Tannenbaum and Craft

Christmas Tree Craft (construction and tissue paper)

For most of my young adult life, before children I did forgo a Christmas tree out of practicality but I always missed it.  Bring home, trimming, placing gifts beneath, enjoying its fragrance and beauty (ornamental and natural) are all part of what a Christmas tree is.  It is the centerpiece of holiday decorating and for me there is no decoration more important. Continue reading

Rockin’ Songs

Rockin' Mama (felt-tip pen on marker paper)

The experience of bringing home a newborn baby can be full of excitement, love, and awe but it can also be full of pain, fatigue, and dread especially with your first.  There is what people tell you about having a newborn, there is what people don’t tell you, but there is also what people tell you but you don’t believe could POSSIBLY be as extreme as they describe.  Like the sleepless nights and the crying that you just can’t seem to soothe.  It does get better as you and your baby establish a routine.  Just knowing that it won’t last forever seemed to help me.  I also found that the memory of those nights of desperation just like the pain of child birth fades over time. Continue reading

Cupola Crows

crows nesting on top of school

When I drop my daughter off at school in the morning I pass an abandoned school in a state of disrepair with a large birds nest on the very top of the cupola dome.  I had often wondered what kind of birds it belongs to, maybe hawks or osprey, until yesterday when I passed and the CROWS were home!  I had to stop and get pictures.

Just a few days prior my mother was telling me about a very interesting PBS show she saw about crows and how they happen to be highly intelligent.  You can watch the full length video online at

Read on for some interesting highlights from the program… Continue reading