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Play is fun but did you also know it is critical to our survival? According to a study mentioned in this TED Talk mice that played survived when their food source was located near a perceived danger while the non-playing mice starved. I think intuitively we know play is important but in our goal driven society it easily loses priority and we grow out of it way too soon.

Toys are the props of play. Toys can inspire play. As a product design I appreciate well designed toys. I get just as excited about them as my kids do but let’s face it, what makes toys fun is novelty. So you can either keep getting new toys and figuring out places to put them or you can invest in more open ended toys that can continue to be made new with new play scenarios. Blocks are a good example. Kids always come back to blocks.

I like to encourage play at Doodles and Jots by sharing classic toy hacks, DIY toy ideas and printables, and finding the play value in natural and recycled objects. Here are some of our most popular Toy Factory posts…

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